Friday, 7 March 2008

You Can Say What You Like About Jesus!

No really. Be my guest. As of a couple of days ago there is no blasphemy law in the UK! The house of Lords has decided that it's a bit of a silly idea in a country where people now so many different kinds of rubbish they'd all have to be blaspheming against someone. Anyway, it gave special status to the Church of England, that most inoffensive of institutions - more tea vicar? And perhaps another choir boy?

Now, I know they never really enforced it anyway because that would be kind of dumb, and probably in contravention of all sorts of other European and British laws, but it's nice to have that ridiculous law removed from the books anyway. Symbolic gestures can be important too. Not only does this give us atheists the right to say what we like about Jesus, but all those delusional people can say what they like too.

Maybe he was a paedophile? Maybe he was a murderer, or a rapist? Maybe he was just a really bad man trying to con a bunch of people? Or... gasp... maybe he didn't sodding exist in the first place? The very existence of such a law was laughable anyway, as if insulting a made-up dead guy could do anyone any harm. For that matter, insulting real dead guys doesn't really do anybody any harm.

Ah well, when this law is officially removed - apparently some monarch or other has to officially 'approve' it - we can all take to the streets and blaspheme to our hearts' content. Savour it. If anyone tries to stop you, remind them that it's not as if there's a law against it.


Laurie said...

I'm of the "Jesus never existed" bent, myself. I'd feel a little nervous saying anything against Muhammed, Mohamed, Mahomet, or however the hell you spell it, though.

Stephen Bain said...

The current trend towards militancy in Islamic countries is a little off-putting for the aspiring blasphemer I'll admit.

However, in the UK I think I'm safe enough saying he was either a fraud or a madman.

I'm currently reading up on the whole Jesus thing. It still seems plausible to me that someone existed upon whom the folk-tales are based. This is often true of the weirdest legends.