Thursday, 27 March 2008

Expelled Exposed

Just a quick one. Everyone else out there in the real skeptical blogosphere (as opposed to this quiet backwater) is posting links to this website:

Expelled Exposed

It is a site devoted to collecting material relevant to what is actually going on with the IDiots and the cretinists. I'll post something longer later on, I'm just wading through some stuff on pseudo-medicine at the moment. Oh, and some actual science work too!


Laurie said...

Well darn. I'd better get on the stick and post the link in case people think I'm a fake skeptic.

I like the new blog template!

Stephen Bain said...

The new blog template isn't quite finished... I'm still arguing with Blogger about the exact details of it.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Shiny new template.

Did you enjoy PZ's latest adventure (well, I say latest, it was days ago now) with the Expelled conference-call?

Anyhow, it's been a million years since we were at the pub or anything.

I've got that book to lend you, plus a copy of New Humanist for the library-thing so you can get annoyed at the constant sideways sneering at the 'New Atheists' (OK, I am exaggerating somewhat).

I wrote them a very sarcastic letter. I wonder if they'll publish it......(no, don't worry, I didn't use any swear-words).

Stephen Bain said...

Yes I did and it is hilarious. I like that they always try to characterise this kind of thing (essentially a prank) as almost akin to terrorism.

Yes, it has been so long once we went to the pub. I think that time period is now being called the AnEthenoic period by geologists. Never fear! The NeoEthenoic is just around the corner!

As for the book, I have gone and bought myself a copy, as well as a most exciting radio controlled plane...