Friday, 8 February 2008

Muslims for the Ethical Treatment of MRSA

Now, I'm not normally one to quote the Torygraph, but it seems that there has been a slight culture clash between the cultures of Islam and medical hygiene. It seems that a few muslim medical students have been refusing to roll up their sleeves and scrub up properly in line with hygiene regulations designed to reduce the spread of infections. You know, like MRSA. That most friendly fluffy antibiotic resistant bacterium that just loves to kill people in hospitals.

The Islamic Medical Association had this to say:
"No practising Muslim woman - doctor, medical student, nurse or patient - should be forced to bare her arms below the elbow"
You know what? They're right, because any doctor who refuses to do this on such preposterous grounds should be sacked. Simple as that. Apparently they have the right to modesty. Well I suspect the patient has the right to live. How did that little quote go anyway?
First, do no harm.
So, when the potential students roll up, just give them a questionnaire:
  1. Will you follow the hygiene laws, put in place to stop patients dying?
  2. Will you treat people, even when they have diseases your religion says are sinful?
  3. Will you, in fact, apply science based medicine to all of your cases?
If you answered 'no' to any of the above questions, please sod off. I hear there are many fine places in made up subjects like theology that might suit you better.


Medifix said...

This threat of MRSA is real, once you allow the bacteria to enter your bloodstream, only God will have to save your life. Patients as well as the doctors are at risk of contracting this infection unlike HIV & Hepatitis. One study found 60% of doctors had their hands colonized with enterococci after handling a patient with enterococci infection.

This refusal to wash and scrub their hands will leave the doctors or medical students at risk of carrying MRSA home and spreading this micro-organism to their own family and children.

As patients, we must refuse to be touched or treated by any doctor , nurse or medical student who refuse to wash their hands adequately (below elbow using soap and water for 15-30 seconds). You may be hated for being harsh, but this could save your life.

Indian higher cast people introduced untouchables because these people refused to wash themselves after cleaning toilets and were spreading bacteria in the community that killed healthy adults and children.

Only worry, I have is when people start treating all Asians to be Muslims, when there are Indians who are not Muslims, Afrocarabians who could be Muslims and Egyptians who look like Caucasians are Muslims.

Nature has its way of cleansing the society, this is one of the ways and I am sure there are a few more to come.

Stephen Bain said...

I'm a little puzzled with your worry that non-muslims are mistaken for muslims. Neither should be persecuted or denied the right to work in their chosen profession on the basis of their beliefs.
However, those beliefs cannot be allowed to interfere with the correct functioning of essential services or to put other people's lives at risk.