Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Cretinism Coming to the UK

Ken Ham, president of lucrative US Young Earth Cretinism propaganda machine Answers in Genesis, is coming to the UK on another speaking tour. It turns out he's been here before and I just didn't notice. It would be quite easy not to notice as they don't make much of a song and dance about these tours in the mainstream media.

For those people who may not have heard of Ken Ham, he is from Australia - a country that seems to produce more than its fair share of cretinists - and he used to be part of the Institute for Creation Research, the same organisation that gave us Duane The-Fossils-Still-Say-No! Gish. He is obviously a very "good" Christian and describes his wife as "very submissive" as though this is a good thing. Who the hell wants a submissive wife? Where's the fun in that? Unless of course you - and she - are into that sort of thing... Nudge nudge, wink wink, a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat, say no more etc.

Answers in Genesis is, of course, the illustrious institution that brought lucky old Kentucky the $27-million Creation Museum: 60,000 square feet of animatronic dinosaurs making nice with humans with a medievally themed gift shop at the end. I can only assume the theme is intended to be a nostalgia trip for those cretinists who miss a good burning at the stake.

Obviously Ham's view are controversial, although not with actual scientists. That controversy ended a long time ago. The cretinists lost, they continue to lose and yet they refuse to admit it. No, Ham's views are, of course, controversial with the old earth cretinists who don't understand how he can ignore so much data about the age of the Earth, whilst they quietly sweep evidence for evolution under the nearest unfeasibly large rug.

So, Ken the cretinist is coming to Leicester on April the 3rd 2008, presumably to peddle the same old crap as usual about magic and how the entire edifice of science is deluded and wrong. I'd also like to note that there seems to be a cretinism conference in Wales from the 28th to the 30th of January 2008, although they seem to want £130 just for attending. This is a price I'm fairly sure I'm not willing to pay just for inevitably being thrown out at some point for setting off the brain scanner.

On a side note, I'm becoming increasingly aware that there might be more cretinists in the UK thn I had first hoped. They seem to pop up everywhere and I've even met a few, although they were in the University's christian union, an organisation I might feel the urge to blog about later on.


Anonymous said...

all I have to say is your a very foolish evolved fish, and look like your ancestor the chimp, but your brain is still like your late ancestor the rock - and there's NOTHING in it.
ALL Science is CREATION Science
Science is the search for TRUTH

Stephen Bain said...

Let me see...
Capital letters in all the wrong places, non sequiters, incorrect understanding of evolution.
Must be a joke.

Ah well. It's be fun to get a real creationist on here one day.

artificialhabitat said...

That wasn't me this time, promise

Laurie said...

Cool! You got hate mail! If you want to see some really funny hate mail, (other than on Richard Dawkins' site) go to

Harespring said...

How can anyone say there's nothing in a rock. There's rock in a rock. How can something be nothing? I need to lie down in a darkened room before my rock melts...

Stephen Bain said...

What's so wrong with being descended from a rock anyway?

Although I think if you wanted to be really specific, I'm descended from Hydrogen ultimately.

A quote from a film springs to mind:

"You want the TRUTH? You can't handle the TRUTH."

Or at least, the cretinists can't...

Anyway, I think this is unfair discrimination against ROLL.