Friday, 30 November 2007

Jehovas Witless

I apologise for double posting but...
Another one bites the dust.

Only this time a 14 year old has been indoctrinated to the point of killing himself. And a whole range of adults were complicit in it too. Particularly the friendly relative who convinced him of this bullshit, and to a lesser extent the judge who granted him the right to decide to die from something he had a good chance of surviving.

You want to know why?

"...No soul of you shall eat blood... whosoever eateth it shall be cut off"
-Leviticus 17: 12-14

Yeah, becuase the current method of transfusing blood is to give it you in a pint glass and say "bottom's up!"


deb said...

Hello!! I am deb from the Walled Garden. I posted one of your comments on my favorite forum Catholic Answers. It is a site that is very, very open to polite debate. My name is deb1 on the site and you can find your comments on the social Justice of the forum.

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Hi, thanks for forwarding my comments to a higher power (so to speak!). I look forward to reading the responses.